Autonuition and Robotics in Construction X Space Scheduling for Construction Progress Planning and Control

G Watson, R Tucker, J Walters, I Tommeleina, P Zoueinb
Space scheduling pertains to allocating work space to resources associate d with activities in a schedule as it changes over time. This is an important aspe ct o f of materials management in dynamic environments in which many pieces equipment , crews, and possibly robo ts move Advance about, spac e ongestio inand interference would seriously hamper pro duction. then warranted to reduce the need for wreal-time olemss and and n u eact st lbe space scheduling may be needed problems a alleviated.
more » ... any case , space-schedulPlde loo ePl bn model forlldbnamic layout fashion to all parties who need it. planning is described to t he overall ePlan uses a t vo-d mensional representation construction progress planning. of space to keep the computation al ^° r equire workstation, but rluns on low. Accordingly , the model does quire a power a laptop computer-and is expe c ted palmtop-that to run on a been loosely integrated with a spa be taken out into the field. MoveY a has schedule conflict resolver , named ConRes, which delays activities or changes their resource needs to lower thed em of ectionpforesp in so-called a e sched Pi glescheduling intervals. Issues pertaining to d progress control , and data diss e mination c ^p lung fo a space schedul ng on i tes presented to illustrate the use o f p palmtop