Mechanisch vorgespannte, doppellagige Membranmodule in ihrer Anwendung als zweite Gebäudehülle [article]

Gregor Grunwald, Rainer Hascher, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin
The main topic of this work is the application, design, construction, static and thermal behaviour of mechanically pre-stressed membrane modules. Developed to become a standardized and pre-fabricated element, the membrane module will be examined in the paper as the basic element of second skin facade systems. By examining the architectural language and the repertoire of their expression, studies on the design of membrane-enveloped buildings have come to the fore in the development of facade
more » ... pment of facade systems. As a modular system, they have the capacity to expel the mechanically pre-stressed membrane architecture from their narrow conundrum of their dominant and anticlastic large-scale shape. Through researching and exploring the possibilities of membrane structures is to simultaneously research how membrane structures can impact in architectural design. The studies on the thermal behaviour of mechanically pre-stressed membrane modules likewise similarly examine the energetic efficiency of this building system. Numerical simulations are employed to deliver results of airflow and -temperature of the buffer zone and, energy balances report and compare the saving rates of differently constructed building envelopes. A detailed construction of the membrane frame is developed. Under consideration is the possibility for series production; resulting in the construction being optimized and in where three different membrane forms can be taken into account. As a result this research will bring forward and present the most economical and efficient construction of mechanically pre-stressed membrane modules. Besides a static analyse, description and optimization of this hybrid load bearing behaviour of frame and membrane, extensive tables report on frame dimensioning, stress distribution of the membrane as well as optimized pre-tension-values and feasible frame sizes. Finally the membrane construction is directly compared with ETFE-foil constructions.
doi:10.14279/depositonce-1700 fatcat:3winuaejazckpczf2yxwagcpli