Nitrogen, chlorine and potassium in penennial ryegrass and their relation to the mineral balance

W. Dijkshoorn
1958 Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science  
In pot experiments ryegrass was grown on sandy soil containing 4 % organic matter and low amounts of N and Cl, to which NaCl/KCl solutions (40 parts K2O to 100 parts NaCl + KC1) and NH4NO3/ CaCO3 solutions (20 parts N to 100 parts NH4NO3+ CaCO3) were applied. Cl fertilizing increased the concentration of anions and cations in the plants without altering their ratio. At the highest Cl rate there was no further increase in the cation content with increasing N. K had no effect on total-cation
more » ... n total-cation concentration but altered cation ratios. Increasing N decreased the concentration of Cl + P + S ions and increased the N-ion concentration. The resulting increase in total-anion content Cl + P+ S + N was greater than that of the cations K + Na + Mg + Ca. At high Cl levels excessive uptake of anions was counteracted by decrease in S content and also, at higher N levels, by decrease in N content. (Abstract retrieved from CAB Abstracts by CABI's permission)
doi:10.18174/njas.v6i2.17716 fatcat:273dww3eyzaslohvjtsvknghay