Scientific and Educational Community of Psychologists: Emigrational Intentions of Scientists and Students The International Mobility of Scientists: Sociological Approach (An example of the United States of America)

Sociology Of, And Technology
2010 unpublished
A sociological study aims to investigate: 1) the motives of emigration intentions of scientists of natural and social humanitarian Profi le in 1990 and 1995, and 2) emigratory facilities and emmigratory motives psychology students in 1995. Revealed that the material factors of order (1990) in fi ve years (1995) really began to play a much greater role in shaping emigration intentions of natural science. The hierarchical structure of the motives of emigration intentions was signifi cantly diff
more » ... ent among scientists of natural and social humanitarian profi le. As shown by results of a survey of students, psychologists, a leading factor in emigration was the motive of gaining new life experiences abroad, in second place-to familiarize themselves with the new education system, the third and fourth places respectively-the desire to see the world and the prospect of better employment opportunities abroad.