Use of microarrays and MLPA for integrating diagnostics and personalizing treatment – Case report of a patient with Ph-like acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia

Monika Lejman, Monika Włodarczyk, Agnieszka Zaucha-Prażmo, Joanna Zawitkowska
2020 Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine  
B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BCP-ALL) is the most common childhood cancer. A special subtype of high risk BCP-ALL is Philadelphia-like ALL (Ph-like ALL), in which the gene expression profile is similar to BCR-ABL1-positive leukemia; however, fusion of the mentioned genes does not occur. The unfavourable clinical course and incidence of 15% of cases means that the diagnosis and therapeutic strategy of Ph-like ALL must be carefully developed and implemented into clinical
more » ... to clinical practice. The study presents the case of a patient with diagnosed Ph-like ALL. The use of molecular analytical techniques has made it possible to identify a patient who is likely to relapse and who may benefit from personalized therapy This study shows the advantages of using genomic analyses to identify therapeutic targets, which is especially important for patients with high-risk disease. This model of management could be extended to other cancer subtypes, allowing for tailored diagnosis.
doi:10.26444/aaem/115393 pmid:33356083 fatcat:xmutikijibddzhbuhi526yw4xm