Investigations of the superconducting states of noncentrosymmetric LaPdSi3and LaPtSi3

M. Smidman, A. D. Hillier, D. T. Adroja, M. R. Lees, V. K. Anand, R. P. Singh, R. I. Smith, D. M. Paul, G. Balakrishnan
2014 Physical Review B  
The noncentrosymmetric superconductors LaPdSi3 and LaPtSi3 have been studied with magnetization, specific heat, resistivity and muon spin rotation/relaxation (muSR) measurements. These crystallize in the tetragonal BaNiSn3 structure and superconductivity is observed at Tc = 2.65 K for LaPdSi3 and Tc = 1.52(6) K for LaPtSi3. The results are consistent with both compounds being weakly coupled, fully gapped superconductors but muSR measurements reveal that LaPdSi3 is a bulk type-I superconductor
more » ... -I superconductor while LaPtSi3 is a type-II material with a Ginzburg-Landau parameter of kappa = 2.49(4). This is further supported by specific heat measurements, where the transition in an applied field is first-order in LaPdSi3 but second-order in LaPtSi3. The electronic specific heat in the superconducting state was analyzed using an isotropic s-wave model that gave Delta/kTc = 1.757(4) for LaPdSi3 and 1.735(5) for LaPtSi3. The temperature dependence of the effective penetration depth of LaPtSi3 was extracted from muSR measurements and was fitted giving Delta/kTc = 1.60(8) and lambda(0) = 239(3) nm. A critical field of Bc(0) = 182.7 G was obtained for LaPdSi3 from muSR measurements, which is in good agreement with the calculated thermodynamic critical field.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.89.094509 fatcat:hnesyq7cbjecda4lfkipbcscva