Status of Studies with Physical and Physiological Measurements in Japan(International Conference on Mind Body Science : Physical and Physiological Approach joint with The Eighteenth Symposium on Life Information Science)

Journal of International Society of Life Information Science  
It is mainly in Japan that recent studies in "Mind-Body Science" and "Human Potential Science" are making physical and physiological measurements. Results are presented at the "Life Information Science Symposium" held twice a year by the International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS) the head ofi fice ofwhich is in the author's NIRS laboratory and also results appear in the Journal oflvternational Society qf'LijZi bzfbrmation Science (CJburnal ofLSLLsp. Many data from EEq PET, fMRI
more » ... d various devices are being collected and reported. The author's group members have studied qigong states using a recently developed device, Near InfraRed Spectroscopy (NIRS) by which 24 point data of hemoglobin density of the brain can be given.
doi:10.18936/islis.22.2_266 fatcat:nssyb7e3pvcgraorngmboiag2a