Vehicle Talks to IoT for Better Driving Experience

Alanazi Yunus Ali S, Alsalem Hussain
2018 Open Science Journal  
Internet of vehicles (IoV), or vehicles to everything (V2X), is a relatively new concept for all vehicles connected to the internet. In this paper, we propose a solution to the problems of traffic congestion. Road traffic congestion has continued to be a major problem in many developed countries. This concept shows the place or location traffic congestion occurs at the time of rainfall, the position of the data based on GPS, and the sensors in the vehicle. The sensors in vehicles are used to
more » ... lect information for the purpose of evaluating traffic congestion through cloud server via protocols such as CoAP and MQTT. At the beginning of the study, the authors introduced the problems and then proposed a solution.
doi:10.23954/osj.v3i1.1157 fatcat:k2bnnbtojnf4zpof35keujmila