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1890 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Oct. 18, 1890.] iTH BRITI8R MEDICAL JOURNAL. 905 "ia very common symptom of .many insidious organic diseases, is a frequent accompaniment of anaezpia. The book end with an account of hysterical muscular atrophy, about which much has been written of la1te, but in these cases also there: have been no post-mortem examinations. Even one would have been of great value, for the maladies which cause muscular atropby are so chronic that it must be especially diffl--cult to exclude them. Taking
more » ... e book as a whole, we would say that it is a very careful and well got-up transcript of previously recorded cases, and may be usefulfor reference, but that it contains nothing original, and although in all probability many, if not most, of the cases were hysterical, yet the absence of any strict scientidc proof deprives the-book of much value it might have had.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.1555.905 fatcat:upyum3mtobb7fpaeydyixjnsri