Normalization of Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks in the Abrahamic Religions
Нормирование в авраамических религиях потребления алкогольных напитков

Dmitrij O. Furtsev, Dmitrij O. Furtsev Lomonosov Moscow State University
2019 Study of Religion  
The article presents a comparative review of the attitude to wine drinking of followers of Abrahamic religions. The article reveals the traditions and norms of alcohol consumption in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Wine as a product was of great cultural and economic importance for the peoples in which Abrahamic religions were formed. The article takes as its basis the attitude to wine, since it, as one of the most ancient alcoholic beverages, was familiar to the followers of Judaism,
more » ... f Judaism, Christianity and Islam from the beginning of the formation of their formation. In Judaism and Christianity, wine was used in both everyday and religious practice, with different attitudes in these two areas of life. However, Judaism, already in antiquity, tried to remove the practice of drinking alcohol from sacred space, and eventually established a certain framework of permitted alcohol consumption. Christians made the wine, symbolically representing the blood of Christ, one of the elements holding the Christian community together. At the same time, Christianity in the early period did not approve the abuse of wine. Subsequently, in Christianity, as well as in Judaism, norms of alcohol consumption are created. The attitude towards the wine drinking in Islam was completely different. At the very beginning of the existence of Islam, strict prohibitions were imposed on the consumption of wine, and particularly prohibitions were imposed on the performance of rituals while intoxicated. Modern Abrahamic religions continue and develop in the tradition of regulating the use of alcoholic beverages.
doi:10.22250/2072-8662.2019.2.98-103 fatcat:lisx5d5kdnbkzc4hk3u75cmvjq