The Youth from Brasilia in an Online Newspaper

Virginia Meirelles
2015 Athens Journal of Mass Media and Communications  
In this paper we intend to understand the process of individualization of youth in the urban space of Brasilia and its relationship to language, considering how the urban space was configured and its history. For this, we analyze the titles and the comments of articles published by the online version of Correio Braziliense, the largest selling newspaper in the Federal District, Brazil. This research is embedded within a larger project that takes as its theoretical assumption discourse analysis
more » ... discourse analysis to understand the relationship between language, youth and society in/from Brasilia. Discourse analysis takes as theoretical and methodological principle that the interpretation in the text as key to understanding how this text is produced and how it produces meaning. Language is a way of signifying in which meaning produces and reproduces social and historical processes. So, the image projected by the city and society today is the result of a set of social and historical events, a fact that makes it important to know the history in order to understand the meanings of contemporary discourse. It is also necessary to examine the conditions of production to define the relationship between youth and the urban space and to understand the division of the senses in this space. At the same time, because the work is to analyze comments posted on an online journal, this new form of language is considered. In the digital world, the figure of the author and the category of work appear scattered; texts are available in electronic media and will allow dismembering and recombining; the readers, the reading process, the notion of work have changed. It was found that in this online newspaper, the readers are not really reacting to the information present on it but to the social and historical settings of the construction of the capital city.  Professor, University of Brasilia, Brazil.
doi:10.30958/ajmmc.1-2-3 fatcat:3arqlma4prhc7pas523pm26u4e