Muhammed Süzgün, Hilal Özdemir, Necati Camgöz, Ahmet Kındıroğlu, Doğaç Başaran, Cengiz Togay, Lale Akarun
2015 Journal of Naval Science and Engineering  
Sign language is the natural medium of communication for the Deaf community. In this study, we have developed an interactive communication interface for hospitals, HospiSign, using computer vision based sign language recognition methods. The objective of this paper is to review sign language based Human-Computer Interaction applications and to introduce HospiSign in this context. HospiSign is designed to meet deaf people at the information desk of a hospital and to assist them in their visit.
more » ... e interface guides the deaf visitors to answer certain questions and express intention of their visit, in sign language, without the need of a translator. The system consists of a computer, a touch display to visualize the interface, and Microsoft Kinect v2 sensor to capture the users' sign responses. HospiSign recognizes isolated signs in a structured activity diagram using Dynamic Time Warping based classifiers. In order to evaluate the developed interface, we performed usability tests and deduced that the system was able to assist its users in real time with high accuracy.
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