Using Index Light Points to Determine Object Dimensions in the Digital Images

Sundus Ebraheem
2010 ˜Al-œRafidain journal for computer sciences and mathematics  
Due to the huge development in the digital image processing scope and its wide used in many applications, and exist the needing in some applications such as engineering, military to find remotely the object dimensions and area and in the traffic field to find the height of trucks before the tunnels and intersections bridges and ‫خليل‬ ‫سندس‬ ‫اهيم‬ ‫إبر‬ 32 observation the traffic infringements that concerning the load part out of the vehicle body which may be more than the permissible limit.
more » ... ermissible limit. Therefore, this paper suggest an approach to find the object dimensions by using digital images with an extension. The digital camera was modified by adding two lighting beams to apply point lights on the objet during image capturing. Then by using these two lighted points in the image the scale of the image was found which will be use to find object dimensions. The proposed method applied by using many images with different objects. It was more efficient and accuracy 100% for determining dimensions of objects. It was applied by using Matlab R2010 ver. 7.0 language, laptop computer with 1.4GHz processor Intel R Core TM Solo CPU U3500 , screen resolution 1366*768.
doi:10.33899/csmj.2010.163925 fatcat:s5vdydxsyzb5vhs4mmyzgnq4aa