Satellite-based Estimates of Ground Subsidence in Ordos Basin, China

Zheyuan Du, Linlin Ge, Alex Hay-Man Ng, Xiaojing Li
2017 Journal of Applied Geodesy  
AbstractThis paper reports the findings based on ALOS-1 and GRACE satellite data for the purpose of monitoring land surface subsidence due to groundwater extraction and underground mining activities in the Ordos Basin, China. 42 ALOS-1 PALSAR data (22 images from Frame 790 while 20 scenes from Frame 780) acquired between 8 January 2007 and 19 January 2011 are utilized in the time-series InSAR (TS-InSAR) analysis while the total water storage observations derived from the Gravity Recovery and
more » ... mate Experiment (GRACE) satellite data are integrated with hydrological modeling results (for soil moisture modelling) to estimate the groundwater depletion rate. Since the results have vast difference in spatial resolution between GRACE (~300 km) and InSAR (~10's of meters), the two measurements are not comparable over the same region. Instead, we applied them to Haolebaoji surrounding region and ALOS covered area, respectively. The groundwater change series of about –7.3 mm yr
doi:10.1515/jag-2016-0025 fatcat:fd2h4v33b5cdhc2pvhnecc6oye