The changes in the structure of erythrocytes under the influence of posttraumatic hypovolemia in dogs

E B Bazhibina
2008 RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries  
The following research is devoted to the study of the morphological and biochemical features of blood under conditions of hypovolemia due to multiple traumas of the pelvic limbs in dogs. The correlation between the changes of the structure of the erythrocytes under conditions of infringement of metabolism, tissue disintegration and redistribution of fluids and the biochemical indicators of the blood serum, which characterize the emunctory capability of the kidneys under conditions of hypoxia of
more » ... the organ, was detected. A systemic approach has been presented in the article to the study of the processes occurring in the organism of dogs under the influence of posttraumatic hypovolemia. An exploration of the dynamics of the biochemical and hematological changes in the organism were carried out, giving the characteristics of the changes of the erythrocytes in the acute posttraumatic period. The dependency of the structural characteristics of erythrocytes from the degree of diminution of the volume of the circulating blood and the level of certain metabolites of the blood serum are presented. It has been established, that the development of prerenal insufficiency, which develops under acute hypovolemia, promotes the change in the structure and function of the erythrocytes, which, in turn aggravates hypoxia of tissues and organs.
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