Research of garlic preservation depending on treatment with hydrophobic protective coatings and growth-inhibiting substances

Ludmila Pusik, Vlаdimir Pusik, Veronika Bondarenko, Ludmila Gaevaya, Natalja Kyruchina, Oleksandr Kuts, Galina Slobodianyk, Olga Nakloka
2022 EUREKA Life Sciences  
The aim of the work was to improve the elements of garlic bulb storage technology by using hydrophobic protective coatings, growth inhibitors. The study allows you to choose protective coatings of garlic bulbs for long-term storage and extend the duration of storage.It has been found, that the loss of weight of garlic bulbs during storage depends on the method of storage and type of treatment of garlic plants. Weight loss during storage in boxes with polyethylene inserts is reduced by 2 times,
more » ... ulbs, treated with paraffin, – by 3.4 times. Treatment of plants with maleic acid hydrazide (MAH) reduces weight loss by 1.7 times. After 6 months of storage, the loss due to dry matter ranged from 51.7 to 69.7 % of weight loss.It has been found, that the treatment of plants by MAH helps to reduce losses due to germination of bulbs, damage by microorganisms, drying compared to the control version and storage in boxes with polyethylene inserts. The highest yield of 91.8 % of commercial bulbs is provided by their treatment with paraffin. Analysis of variance showed that the method of storage affects the preservation of garlic by 98 %, the development of diseases – by 54 %. Treatment by MAH affected the germination of bulbs by 98 %. Based on the obtained results, a correlation analysis was performed and the linear dependence of the weight loss of winter garlic bulbs depending on the peculiarities of the storage method was established
doi:10.21303/2504-5695.2022.002285 fatcat:qtnc7si4tbcalnqagmdnwvms7e