Analýza působení Aliance nového občana ve slovenské politice

Lubomír Kopeček
2006 Central European Political Studies Review  
The article deals with political trajectories of New Civic Alliance (ANO) in Slovakia. This liberal formation was founded by a media tycoon Pavol Rusko. Besides Rusko, the leadership of ANO includes several well-known personalities from sport, media, cultural and economic fields. In the September 2002 elections the Alliance received prominent support from Rusko's media and secured 8 % of the votes. After the elections ANO became a member of the right-centre government coalition headed by
more » ... Dzurinda. The relationships between ANO and other coalition partners were full of conflicts. In Autumn 2005 a big financial scandal affected the chairman Pavol Rusko, the party broke up and went to opposition. In the elections in 2006, the party gained only 1.4 % of the votes. The article tries to explain what the organisation model ANO was like and why its "life" was so short.
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