Post Harvest Physical and Nutritional Properties of Two Apple Varieties

Abbas Gorji Chakespari, Ali Rajabipour, Hossein Mobli
2010 Journal of Agricultural Science  
In this research, physical and nutritional properties of two Iranian apple varieties (Golab Kohanz, Shafi Abadi) were determined and compared. The physical properties were average fruit length, width and thickness, geometric, arithmetic and equivalent mean diameters, projected area, surface area, sphericity index, aspect ratio, fruit mass, volume, bulk and fruit densities and coefficient of static friction and the nutritional properties were PH, titratable acidity and total soluble solids.
more » ... oluble solids. Average moisture content of the Golab Kohanz (GK) and Shafi Abadi (SA) varieties were 86% and 84% (w.b.), respectively. Based on statistical analysis, the properties were statistically different at 1% and 5% levels of significance for both varieties. However, the differences between the two studied varieties in the case of the aspect ratio, coefficient of static friction on various surfaces and PH were not significant (P>0.05). 66 3. It was observed that surface area and projected area values of Shafi Abadi variety are greater than those values of Golab Kohanz variety. The sphericity and aspect ratio values for the Golab Kohanz variety are lower than that those values for Shafi Abadi variety, by 3% and 5.7%, respectively. 4. These data are valuable for packing task of apples. The mass values of both varieties had a 15% difference. There were significant differences between the fruit density and bulk density of the cultivars studied.
doi:10.5539/jas.v2n3p61 fatcat:vxtms42zaneifn53r75725r5oa