Emmanuel Thalassinakis
2019 Zenodo  
In this study, a set of new numbers, infinite - thalas numbers, is introduced. Infinite numbers are defined as limits of complex functions that tend to infinity. In infinity, two arguments are added; the velocity at which a complex function tends to infinity and its angle on the complex plane. This way a quantification of infinity is obtained and new numbers, the infinite numbers are determined. Firstly, the infinity unit is defined which is the limit of a function tending to infinity with i) a
more » ... velocity equal to the real unit and ii) a zero angle on the complex plane. Based on the infinity unit definition, all infinite numbers are also defined. The logarithm of the infinity unit is obtained which is called loginfinity unit, and furthermore the log-infinite numbers are also determined. Considering an ortho-normal axle system, with units on the three vertical axes, respectively, the real unit, the imaginary unit (i), and the log-infinity unit, a broader set of new numbers in the three-dimensional space is introduced, named thalas numbers. These new numbers are proved to be useful with interesting properties.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3372174 fatcat:cawnkqwzabcfbiapck6pjltuja