Revisiting the Tradespace Exploration Paradigm: Structuring the Exploration Process

Adam Ross, Hugh McManus, Donna Rhodes, Daniel Hastings
2010 AIAA SPACE 2010 Conference & Exposition   unpublished
A number of case applications of tradespace exploration have further extended the types of analyses and knowledge insights that can be gained about tradeoffs between design choices and perceived utility and cost of alternatives. These extensions include application beyond its heritage aerospace domain to the transportation domain, comparing distinct concepts on a common tradespace, considering the impact of changing needs and contexts over time, evaluation of alternatives in a "light effort"
more » ... a "light effort" manner. In parallel with these case applications, a formalization of the tradespace exploration process has emerged, using a question-driven approach to ensure the knowledge generated is practical and useful to decision makers. These questions are introduced and applied to three example space systems in order to illustrate insights gained in answering the questions. The insights include identifying "good" designs, the strengths and weakness of selected alternatives across a tradespace, limiting constraints and requirements that could allow for less expensive solutions. Additionally, advanced insights include understanding the sensitivities of designs to changes in contexts and needs, and consideration of the differential impact of uncertainty across a set of alternatives with potential opportunities for risk mitigation.
doi:10.2514/6.2010-8690 fatcat:2tnjk5hly5fzbo4urgt2zni6ze