Classification of Theory of Mind tasks and their computational models [post]

Tessa Rusch, Jan Gläscher
2019 unpublished
The ability to from a Theory of Mind (ToM) that is to theorize about others mental states and explain and predict behavior in relation to attributed intentional states, constitutes a hallmark of human cognition. These abilities are multi-faceted and include a variety of different cognitive sub-functions. Here, we focus on decision processes in social contexts and review a number of experimental and computational modeling approaches in this field. We classify experimental accounts and formal
more » ... utational models with respect to two categories: interactivity and uncertainty. Thereby, we aim at capturing the most relevant variations in ToM-related cognitive sub-functions and highlight the nuances of what broadly is referred to as social decisions processes. Finally, we discuss the most typical neuroimaging findings in light of the categorization results.
doi:10.31234/ fatcat:humbqtliujbfjjgi4r2kmnh5y4