Indigo Manufacture: An Improved Process

1887 Scientific American  
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, No. 575. 9181 ful inspection of the diagrams will certainly prove in-plants cultivated for the manufacture of this import-and the depth about 3 ft. The lower vats, however, teresting and instructive. It may, however, oe said ant dveware are the Indirpfe1'a tirwtm'ia, Indigo!e1'a are often one-third longer than the upper vat�. The that there is a coke furnace which presents the followanil, Tndlgojel'a dispermu, and Indigoje1'a a1'gentw. cut indigo plants, tied up
more » ... n bundles, are neatly placed ing: Capacity, 10,000 cubic feet; diameu-r of hearth, Of these, the Indigoje1'a tirwwj'ia is the most abund-in the upper tanks, care being taken to pack them 10 it. ; height, 6 ft. ; _diameter of bosh, 16 ft; neight antly grown. The land is plowed in October 01' No· tightly, smce it is important, in order to msure the of bosh to greater diallleter, 8 ft.; then in 15 ft. the vemLer, and the seed sown toward the end of March or prop",r degree of fermentation, that there should beleft furnace narrows to 13 ft., and in 56 ft. to 10 feet at the beginning of ApriL About 301b. of seed are required as httle space as possible. 'rhe bundles are kept in top. l'he two great objections which Mr. Walsh en· per acre. A light loam is the best kind of soil, and position, and prevented from floatin g by wedginl( stout deavors to meet are that the fuel may 'be crushed on sunshine, with occasional light showers, is most favor· beams of timber across the tank. Water, which should the short bosh, and that the cubical capacit y of the able to the growth of the plant. Thecropis frequently be .clear and of gocxl. qualit y , is then run in so as to
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01081887-9181supp fatcat:6noxlfg465dwnmqkorycuur3au