Commentary: Thirteen Reasons Why: The Impact of Suicide Portrayal on Adolescents' Mental Health

Morgan Grant, Hala El-Agha, Thuy-Tien Ho, Shobal Johnson
Thirteen Reasons Why (13RY) is a Netflix series that tells the story of a high school girl named Hannah Baker, who died from suicide due to a series of painful events of betrayal, sexual assault, bullying from classmates, and lack of support from friends, family, and school staff. She prepared and left behind a box with a suicide note and 13 audiotapes to give insight into her suicide. In Thirteen Reasons Why: The impact of suicide portrayal on adolescents' mental health, Rosa et al.
more » ... d "the influence of media portrayals of suicide on adolescent's mood" by providing a descriptive, qualitative perspective of mental health, suicidality, and the prevalence of suicidal behavior or ideation, along with emotional processes most affected by the sensationalism and normalization of suicide. This commentary discusses the impact of suicide portrayal on adolescents and highlights the backlash that occurred in response to how 13RY depicted suicide by expanding on the study's limitations, highlighting controversial issues, and making recommendations for future research by revealing the omission of certain key facts.
doi:10.29245/2578-2959/2020/2.1193 fatcat:5mvc65k65fextjk3k6e4eei56u