Journalismus in digitalen Medien

Doris Damböck
2012 unpublished
The traditional and established journalism will not change due to the fact of media digitalization and the services of the social web. Journalism will be adapt the reforms, but the basic provisions for the traditional journalism, such as dedicated research, quality of reporting and respect for truth, will remain constantly. The theses tries to show what kind of reforms journalism could accept. The research question has been answered by literature analysis and by a survey of two independent
more » ... rch groups. The majority of the questioned people displayed that social digital media have high relevance to the traditional journalism. The established journalism should address the emerging opportunities for participation. There will be a change of the profession of a journalist, but it will not change individual ones. It may require a new strategic direction or new targets based on customer-oriented approaches as well as new recipients will be needed.
doi:10.25365/thesis.20605 fatcat:w572k5qqcvghhjlqbwteh5cjxa