Research into service tree (Sorbus domestica L.) population in eastern Serbia

Rade Miletic, Svetlana Paunovic
2012 Genetika  
RESEARCH INTO SERVICE TREE (Sorbus domestica L.) POPULATION IN EASTERN SERBIA Rade MILETIĆ and Svetlana M. PAUNOVIĆ Fruit Research Institute Čačak, Serbia Miletic R., and S. M.Paunovic (2012): Research into service tree (Sorbus domestica L.) population in Eastern Serbia -Genetika, Vol 44, No. 3, 483-490. All fruit tree populations along with the service tree (Sorbus domestica L) population offer a wealth of diverse genetic material which is essential for the selection and creation of new
more » ... rs and rootstocks. The main objective of the study was to evaluate the service tree population in Eastern Serbia in order to single out good selections whose fruit can be used fresh or processed in the human diet, as well as genotypes suitable for the development of new cultivars and rootstocks. The service tree population was analyzed for tree age, tree size and major fruit properties (shape, size and soluble solids content). Small-sized, medium to large and large fruits ranging in weight from 7.5-9.8 g, 10.3-18.6 g and 21.7-25.6 g were found in 52.3%, 41.1% and 6.60% trees, respectively, within the test population. Fruit length was 18.6-33.4 mm, fruit thickness 22.8-37.4 mm, stalk length 1.8-3.7 mm, soluble solids content 15.7-22.5%. The study also presents 484 GENETIKA, Vol. 44, No.3, 483-490, 2012 properties of some superior trees which require greater attention in terms of propagation, collection activities and commercial cultivation.
doi:10.2298/gensr1203483m fatcat:jjdvz6a2bzcj3gs2fynmoux3fu