Preserving 40% forest cover is a valuable and well-supported conservation guideline: reply to Banks-Leite et al [post]

Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez, Lenore Fahrig, James Watling, Justin Nowakowski, Marcelo Tabarelli, Lutz Tischendorf, Felipe Melo, Bráulio Santos, Maira Benchimol, Jose Carlos Morante-Filho, Ferry Slik, Ima Vieira (+1 others)
2020 unpublished
Banks-Leite et al. (2021) claim that our suggestion of preserving ≥40% forest cover lacks evidence and can be problematic. We find these claims unfounded, and discuss why conservation planning urgently requires valuable, well-supported, and feasible general guidelines like the 40% criterion. Using region-specific thresholds worldwide is unfeasible and potentially harmful.
doi:10.22541/au.160861102.29371941/v1 fatcat:drq3e5f6ivefhpzbmzmw32eqta