Bhavana Hood, R N Mandavgane, D Dhande
2016 International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The desired signal. Adaptive filters are having large range of applications as compare with other digital filters. Least mean square (LMS) algorithm is most popular and most commonly used on adaptive filtering for its simplicity, robustness, low hardware complexity and satisfactory convergence performance. Delayed LMS algorithm is a modified version or a variation in LMS algorithm suited in hardware implementation with performance degradation. To make this more achievable, this DLMS
more » ... is DLMS architecture is retimed to reduce the delay, speed, area and critical path and making it more responsive and less degradable. Analysis and design of LMS and DLMS algorithm is performed on MATLAB. RDLMS is implemented for 8 bit using Verilog code and the design of RDLMS is implemented by using Xilinx and ModelSIM software.