Professor S. J. Chapman (University of Manchester)

1911 Sociological Review  
2OO THE SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW gate of profits and interests from abroad. This proportion has changed little year by year throughout the period. From i860 to 1872 earnings gained a little, rising from 71 to perhaps i^% of the total; from 1873 to 1884 earnings lost, returning to abidut 71%; from 1884 ^o 1906 th^i^ >? little visible change in the proportion. On more minute examination, of the period 1887 to 1910, it appears that wages gained in proportion from 1886 to 1892 and lost this gain between
more » ... t this gain between 1898 and 1902. It seems probable that a slight further loss has taken place since 1906, but the Income stati^ics are not complete. The whole of the foregoing refers of course to money income and wages only, and to proix>rtions of the aggregate not to the receipts of the individual. A. L. B. PROFESSOR S. J. CHAPMAN (University of Manchester).
doi:10.1111/j.1467-954x.1911.tb02147.x fatcat:hx6o2xevgbdcvl3bcq2qb43sz4