Should We Have Annual Renewal Fees?

L. V. Redman
1919 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
3 3 While I do not favor such fees, I think if they were imposed, there should be, a t least, a ten-year period free from any fees. The size of the fee is a matter for discussion, and largely depends, it seems to me, upon the invention in question. It is doubtful if the fees exacted should be the same for all inventions. I t would be desirable to have them so, but this wight work injustice in many cases. Let me reiterate that I think the system as it stands is quite good enough without these
more » ... gh without these renewal fees. It seems to me it would be better to make them uniform, if they were propoFed. I am in favor of anything which tends to diminish the grip of bureaucracy upon the people or the industries. It is a growing fungus, which tends to sap the national vitality and divert effort from its proper channels. I am not in favor of experimenting with a system which has worked well in the past and which, if improved, could be better improved in other directions.
doi:10.1021/ie50118a010 fatcat:3fexqepsrnc5xmbq33khwxynbq