Book Review: II. Sermonic and Practical: Sermons That Won the Masses, Thursday Mornings at the City Temple, A. Comfortable Faith, Sunday Mornings at Norwood, Old Events and Modern Meanings, and other SermonsSERMONS THAT WON THE MASSES By PetersMadison C.. The Griffith & Rowland Press, Philadelphia, 1908.THURSDAY MORNINGS AT THE CITY TEMPLE. By the CampbellR. J.Rev., M.A., Minister of the City Temple, London. The Macmillan Co., New York, 1908.A. COMFORTABLE FAITH. By McLeodMalcolm James. Fleimng H. Revell Co ...

C. S. Gardner
1909 Review & Expositor  
Book Re 'lJiew,. 129 more acute and no more successful than Paylus and Strauss were in their day. The fact is that allsuch attempts to eliminate the miraculous land one in a greater difficulty than the difficulty of accepting the miraculous. For miracle is a natural accompaniment of Jesus, but how to explain the impression Jesus made on men after striking out as much as Schmiedel does is impossibility indeed. The reader may be interested to know that Schmiedel dates Luke's gospel, I. and II.
more » ... othy, Titus, Jude, the Epistles of John and Peter all in the second century, II. Peter as late as 153. Parts of Revelation he places about 68, but the completion of the book in the time of Domitian. II. SERMONIC AND PRACTICAL. SERMONS THAT WON THE MASSES.
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