Searching and Browsing Linked Data with SWSE: The Semantic Web Search Engine

Aidan Hogan, Andreas Harth, JJrgen Umbrich, Sheila Kinsella, Axel Polleres, Stefan Decker
2011 Social Science Research Network  
In this paper, we discuss the architecture and implementation of the Semantic Web Search Engine (SWSE). Following traditional search engine architecture, SWSE consists of crawling, data enhancing, indexing and a user interface for search, browsing and retrieval of information; unlike traditional search engines, SWSE operates over RDF Web dataloosely also known as Linked Data -which implies unique challenges for the system design, architecture, algorithms, implementation and user interface. In
more » ... rticular, many challenges exist in adopting Semantic Web technologies for Web data: the unique challenges of the Web -in terms of scale, unreliability, inconsistency and noise -are largely overlooked by the current Semantic Web standards. Herein, we describe the current SWSE system, initially detailing the architecture and later elaborating upon the function, design, implementation and performance of each individual component. In so doing, we also give an insight into how current Semantic Web standards can be tailored, in a besteffort manner, for use on Web data. Throughout, we offer evaluation and complementary argumentation to support our design choices, and also offer discussion on future directions and open research questions. Later, we also provide candid discussion relating to the difficulties currently faced in bringing such a search engine into the mainstream, and lessons learnt from roughly six years working on the Semantic Web Search Engine project.
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3199532 fatcat:ob2ko5yfbzcqpg3fgbrysqstzi