Conjunctions and separations among communication and poetic: some notes

Gilson Soares Raslan Filho
2012 Intexto  
Is it possible to gather poetic and daily communication and, like this, to turn them no exclusive phenomena? This text leaves of that subject and wants to identify the movements that made possible the scission. Like this, it is possible to notice that, when accomplishing the division, the metaphysics, denied by the modern and contemporary thought, it is reaffirmed; in the critic to Plato, there is a type of philosophical injustice that removes of his/her thought the praise to the poetry; in the
more » ... dissociation among communication and poetic the visible surface of those misunderstandings. Like this, this text seeks to interrogate the reason why there was that scission, and in that measured the separation brings in his/her bottom the rationality and the reason centered in the subject, from Nietzsche and their followers to the one of rescue of the rationality undertaken by Habermas.
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