Automatic Detection and Removal of Impulsive Noise in Audio Signals

Laurent Oudre
2015 Image Processing On Line  
This article presents a method for restoring audio signals corrupted by impulsive noise such as clicks, bursts or scratches. The algorithm takes as input a degraded audio signal and automatically detects the locations of the degraded samples and replaces them with more appropriate values. Both steps (detection and interpolation) are based on the assumption that the signal can locally be modeled as a realization of an autoregressive process. Surprisingly, the results obtained on several types of
more » ... on several types of signals (classical, jazz, vocal, etc.) show that a fully automatic method, with a carefully fixed set of parameters, can achieve good performance on a wide range of degraded audio signals. Source Code The reviewed source code in C language for this algorithm and an online demo are available from the web page of this article 1 . Compilation and usage instruction are included in the README.txt file of the archive.
doi:10.5201/ipol.2015.64 fatcat:qp5uhbyn4fe4tizox3ysoqqniu