Capturing and Reproducing Spatial Audio Based on a Circular Microphone Array

Anastasios Alexandridis, Anthony Griffin, Athanasios Mouchtaris
2013 Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering  
This paper proposes a real-time method for capturing and reproducing spatial audio based on a circular microphone array. Following a different approach than other recently proposed array-based methods for spatial audio, the proposed method estimates the directions of arrival of the active sound sources on a per time-frame basis and performs source separation with a fixed superdirective beamformer, which results in more accurate modelling and reproduction of the recorded acoustic environment.
more » ... tic environment. The separated source signals are downmixed into one monophonic audio signal, which, along with side information, is transmitted to the reproduction side. Reproduction is possible using either headphones or an arbitrary loudspeaker configuration. The method is compared with other recently proposed array-based spatial audio methods through a series of listening tests for both simulated and real microphone array recordings. Reproduction using both loudspeakers and headphones is considered in the listening tests. As the results indicate, the proposed method achieves excellent spatialization and sound quality.
doi:10.1155/2013/718574 fatcat:yfg4jf2euvb73kcmk2slswzwoi