An Approach to Open Data in Health and its Current Status in Colombia Uma aproximação aos Dados Abertos em Saúde e seu atual estado na Colômbia Un Acercamiento a datos abiertos en salud y su estado actual en Colombia

Walter Hugo Arboleda Mazo, Raquel Anaya Hernández
2018 Zenodo  
The use of open data is a strategy that promotes transparency and vi-sibility of the government entities management in order to providing timely and reliable data to the different sectors for informed decision making. Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom have defined f rameworks that define a unified strategy for open data on heal-th, called Open Health Data (OHD); also the World Health Organization (WHO) proposes a network called Health Metrics Network (HMN), to support
more » ... N), to support countries in their purpose of improving global health through the strengthening of health information systems. In Colombia, the open data strategy which aims to support online government initiatives, has been strengthening and maturing. However, there are still ongoing cha-llenges that must be faced in strengthening health open data, such as: culture change of the organisms responsible for the data to share, whe-re the key factor is citizenship training; territorial entities empowerment that allows them to understand and visualize this approach's potential, guidelines implementation on the individual data anonymization to sa-tisfy the regulations in terms of information privacy and the stimulation of the use of open data by ICT professionals for new products and servi-ces creation, guaranteeing a true government open data impact in the country. A proposal is made for an operational model that illustrates the way in which all actors and information systems can be articulated in a health information systems ecosystem that is integrated with the open data catalog.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3164496 fatcat:uwoywx3sjnfjbgau46uyty246m