Effects of ethnicity and gender on youth health

Komalsingh Rambaree, Igor Knez, Jamie Halsall
2016 Cogent Social Sciences  
This study investigated the effects of ethnicity and gender on the health of young people (14-25 years old) living in Mauritius. Combinations of female and male by four ethnic groups-"Creole", "Hindu", "Muslim" and "Mixed"-were used for multivariate analysis of variances. "Mixed" ethnic group consumed most tobacco, alcohol and drugs compared to other ethnic groups. They were also the ones that mostly skipped breakfast and lunch and were found to eat most fast food. Moreover, "Mixed" ethnic
more » ... "Mixed" ethnic group had heard most about HIV/AIDS programmes, but were least satisfied with such programmes and with public hospitals and health services. Females were shown to perceive more physical and mental health issues than did males; although males smoked more cigarettes and drunk more alcohol. However, females consumed more fast food and deep fries and rated public hospitals and sexual and reproductive health services as less good than did males. The findings call for further research on the health of young people living in Mauritius
doi:10.1080/23311886.2016.1186136 fatcat:5rgaqyyatrbjlj7tyc55nm4vbi