The Demand for Heavy Horses

1880 Scientific American  
Among the many ways in which modern household deco-I small machines, the largest standing about fourteen feet brass wire, if a row of dots is wanted, or brass otberwise ration has been developed, perhaps no one occupies a more I high, andfit � ed . to print twelve colors, but all working on �haped to make a variety of small figures. A wire.drawing prominent position than the use of ready-made paper, instead I the s � me prm � lple. Each of � hese machines has a large machine, with an assortment
more » ... of dies, is kept to make many of paint or tapestry, to cover the walls. And this method drum m the m I ddle, around whI Ch passes the paper, and, of the shape::, wanted. When a large place is to be fi lIed in has become popular because of the degree of excellence I set,at exactly the proper distances around its under side, to be printed in one color of which this brass work may which has been attained by manufacturers of wall paper' are small rollers on which are the designs to be printed, each
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07241880-53a fatcat:a4rhxuv4rnewxb3alh4i7zizny