Molecular alterations of p73 in human esophageal squamous cell carcinomas: loss of heterozygosity occurs frequently; loss of imprinting and elevation of p73 expression may be related to defective p53

Y. C. Cai, G.-y. Yang, Y. Nie, L.-D. Wang, X. Zhao, Y.-l. Song, D. N. Seril, J. Liao, E. P. Xing, C. S. Yang
2000 Carcinogenesis  
long Song, sion of wild-type p73 by transfection can elevate the level of Darren N.Seril, Jie Liao, Eric Poe Xing and Chung p21 waf1 protein, which is comparable to activation of wild-S.Yang 2 type p53 (4). It has been found that p73 could induce apoptosis in the cancer cell line when the p53 pathway is shut down (7)
doi:10.1093/carcin/21.4.683 pmid:10753204 fatcat:nfturazuxzgo3h6ih7ayviofy4