Data Management Plan for the MSCA project PlasmaSolution

Sebastian Dahle, Jure Žigon, Marko Petrič
2019 Zenodo  
PLASMASOLUTION A Data Management Plan created using DMPonline Creators: Sebastian Dahle, Jure Žigon, Marko Petrič Affiliation: Department of Wood Science and Technology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana Template: European Commission (Horizon 2020) ORCID iD: Grant number: 745936 PROJECT ABSTRACT This action will implement the new Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Solution Deposition (PECSD) technique for coating of wood and wood-based substrates. This
more » ... nique synergistically employs plasma-chemistry in the gas phase and polymer chemistry in the liquid formulation, thus combining all benefits of conventional surface coatings and plasma-based deposition technologies. The implementation is divided into three main objectives: Objective I: Building the integrated device, Objective II: Optimization of the deposition parameters, and Objective III: Demonstrating the technique's capability and priming the industrial implementation. These objectives will lead to the generation of data: (I) on the construction, setup, and ongoing improvements of the device, (II) on the experimental protocols for film deposition and the properties of the resulting coatings, and (III) on the effectiveness of the demonstrated applications towards commercialization. Various kinds and forms of data will be generated throughout the project. No previous works on this specific kind of approach are known from the literature, hence no reuse of existing data is foreseen.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3530163 fatcat:56esy3nlazesbcgwf5cygxjj7m