Numerical Approximation Based on the Bernouli Polynomials for Solving Volterra Integro-Differential Equations of High Order

Mashallah Matinfar, Hamideh Lashaki
2017 Mathematical Researches   unpublished
In this ‎ article‎ ‎ , ‎ an ‎ ap‎ plied matrix method, which is based on Bernouli Polynomials, has been presented to find approximate solutions of ‎ high order ‎ Volterra ‎ integro-differential‎ equations. Through utilizing this approach, the proposed equations reduce to a system of algebric equations with unknown Bernouli coefficients. A comparison of ‎ Bernouli ‎ matrix method‎ ‎ solutions with the results of the other numerical methods has been carried out, which shows that the ‎ Bernouli ‎
more » ... t the ‎ Bernouli ‎ matrix ‎ metod‎ solutions are ‎ more ‎ accurate‎ in comparison with the ‎ other ‎ methods.‎