Point-source modelling using matched case-control data

Peter J. Diggle, Sara E. Morris, Jon C. Wakefield
2000 Biostatistics  
We describe an extension to matched case-control studies of the parametric modelling framework developed by Diggle (1990) and Diggle and Rowlingson (1994) to investigate raised risk around putative sources of environmental pollution. We use a conditional likelihood approach for the family of risk functions considered in Diggle and Rowlingson (1994) . We show that the likelihood surface that results from these models may be highly irregular, and provide a Bayesian analysis in which we
more » ... the posterior distribution using Markov chain Monte Carlo. An analysis of one-one matched data that were collected to investigate the relationship between respiratory disease and distance to roads in East London is presented.
doi:10.1093/biostatistics/1.1.89 pmid:12933527 fatcat:uiqhvoco3fhnphffxb5vbmayvy