A program combining engineering and teacher certification

S.A. Sorby, L.J. Oberto
32nd Annual Frontiers in Education  
The Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) program at Michigan Tech has been around since the early 70s. We have recently restructured our BSE program to allow students flexibility in pursuing their interests outside of engineering. The BSE program is fully accredited by ABET and consists of courses in four areas: 1) General Education core, 2) Math and science core, 3) Engineering core, and 4) an engineering emphasis area. The engineering emphasis area provides students with upper-division
more » ... rsework in a single discipline and enables them to pursue graduate studies or work in industry within that discipline if they desire. As part of the new BSE program requirements, students are also required to complete either a minor or certification in an area generally outside of engineering itself. By one option, students in this program are able to pursue teacher certification along with their BSE and complete all degree/certification requirements within a 4year period of study. This paper describes our BSE program and preliminary information on our success in attracting engineering students to the program who are also seeking teacher certification. Session F2C 0-7803-7444-4/02/$17.00 © 2002 IEEE November 6 -9, 2002, Boston, MA 32 nd ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference F2C-15 CONCLUSIONS Through this project, Michigan Tech has successfully designed a program that simultaneously satisfies ABET criteria for engineering programs as well as Michigan Department of Education standards for teacher certification. The program is in a stage of infancy and its outcomes are unclear at this time, however, this program will likely allow its graduates a high degree of flexibility over their working careers.
doi:10.1109/fie.2002.1158155 fatcat:mo7qgbp2zzbblh4rcjjbbicgm4