VIII. On the Calderwood Limestone and Cementstone, with their Associated Shales

J. Neilson
1895 Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow  
Read 9th March, 1893.] THE strata to which I wish now to direct your attention are the Limestone and Cementstone, which have been so extensively worked in the neighbourhood of East Kilbride, and which are generally known as the Calderwood Limestones. It is no part of the proposed scope of the present paper to give a particular account either of their geological position, the area over which they are spread, or of their fossil contents. All these subjects have already been treated of more or
more » ... exhaustively by many authors in many papers, prominent amongst them being the Rev. David Ure in his " History of Rutherglen and East Kilbride." Bearing the date of 1793, the present year is the centenary of its publica tion, and as the author may be regarded as the father of Scottish Carboniferous geology and paleontology, it is to be hoped that such an opportunity will not be allowed to pass without any attempt to honour his memory.* These strata have also been treated of in various papers read before this Society, and printed in its Transactions, including, among others, A Catalogue of Carboniferous Fossils of the West of Scotland, by Messrs. Young and Armstrong,! where short descriptions of the localities are given, and the general character of their fossils is indicated. The most important paper upon the district, however, is the one by our respected corresponding member, the late Mr. Andrew Patton, which was accompanied by an admirable list of fossils drawn up by our esteemed member, the late Mr. James Coutts. J These beds are also described, and a list of the fossils given, in the "Explanation" to Sheet 23 of the Geological Survey of Scotland. * Notwithstanding this timely reminder, no movement was made to carry ont the author's admirable suggestion, and Ure's memory still waits the more general recognition which it is certain some day to receive. [ED. ] + Transactions, vol. iii., supplement; afterwards republished in a separate form with many additions in 1876. t " Geological Observations in the Parish of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire. With two Sections (Plate XIII).
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