Abstracts of the 8th International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy (ISCAA) 1-3 September, 2016, Budapest, Hungary

Andrea Dorottya Székely
2016 Revista Argentina de Anatomía Clínica  
The cause of diseases associated with impaired blood supply to the brain often is abnormal changes in the cervical spine. The aim of our work was to analyze linear dimensions and bone density of the cervical vertebrae in adolescence. The analysis of linear dimensions and bone density of 21 boys and 18 girls was carried out using a computer tomograph of the fourth generation TSX-101A Aquilion 16.Linear dimensions (height, width, depth) and bone density of the anterior arch of the atlas and
more » ... s parts of the body of each cervical vertebra in direct and lateral projections were measured using standard computer software K-Pacs-Lite. The results showed that the body... of the second cervical vertebra has the greatest height on the anterior edge, the lowest -on the posterior edge. The biggest height was on the posterior edge, and the lowest -in the middle in the fourth, fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae. The most wide body of the cervical vertebrae was in the middle, the lowest -on the inferior edge in boys and in girls... Analysis of the bone density showed that the highest index was on the superior edge of the body in the second, third, fourth and seventh vertebrae, in the sixth vertebra -on the inferior edge, in the fifth vertebra-on the superior edge in girls and on the inferior edge in boys. Bone density was the lowest in the central area of the vertebral bodies in all examined individuals.
doi:10.31051/1852.8023.v8.n3.15584 fatcat:vvbsnx4lszandktn2cywlzfn2m