The effect of Crude Glycerin of Low Purity Replacing Corn on Goats' Diets in Feedlot in Semiarid Areas

Rayane Gomes, Talita Paula, Francisco Carvalho, Marcelo Ferreira, Ligia Barreto, Maria Neves, Giorgio Mendes, Eduardo Cordeiro, Ana Oliveira, Antonia Véras
2020 Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research  
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of crude glycerin (CG) on the diet of goats in feedlot, in terms of intake and nutrient digestibility, performance, feeding behavior, and metabolic profile. Forty castrated male goats with breed undefined and an average initial body weight of 19.7±2.3 kg were used. The experimental diets consisted of inclusion of CG at 0, 6, 12 and 18 % (based on DM). The DM (g/day), DM (g/kg), organic matter, crude protein, neutral detergent fiber,
more » ... er carbohydrate, total digestible nutrients, and water intakes were decreased linearly with increasing CG levels, whereas ether extract intake increased linearly. The daily time spent (%) and average duration of events (h/d) for rumination presented a linear increase, although reduced for idling, as well as feeding and rumination efficiencies. The inclusion of CG did not affect the final body weight, total weight gain, and average daily gain. Serum cholesterol concentration presented a linear increasing effect. However, beta-hydroxybutyrate level was reduced. Crude glycerin containing 63.06% glycerol may partially replace corn and be included at a concentration of up to 18% of dry matter in the diet of finished goats in feedlot when moderate weight gains are desired, especially beneficial in semiarid regions.
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