A bimodal temom model for particle Brownian coagulation in the continuum-slip regime

Qing He, Jin Li, Tingting Kong, Mingliang Xie
2016 Thermal Science  
In this pa per, a bi modal Tay lor-se ries ex pan sion mo ment of method is pro posed to deal with Brownian co ag u la tion in the con tin uum-slip re gime, where the non-linear terms in the Cunningham cor rec tion fac tor is ap prox i mated by Tay lor-se ries ex pan sion tech nol ogy. The re sults show that both the num ber con cen tra tion and vol ume frac tion de crease with time in the smaller mode due to the intra and inter co ag u la tion, and the as ymp totic be hav ior of the larger
more » ... r of the larger mode is as same as that in the con tin uum re gime. He, Q., et al.: A Bimodal Temom Model for Particle Brownian Coagulation .
doi:10.2298/tsci1603927h fatcat:5zm6ylq3qnfinmyizz57tiywhm