Perosonalized Differentially Private Location Collection Method with Adaptive GPS Discretization [chapter]

Huichuan Liu, Yong Zeng, Jiale Liu, Zhihong Liu, Jianfeng Ma, Xiaoyan Zhu
2020 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
AbstractIn recent years, with the development of mobile terminals, geographic location has attracted the attention of many researchers because of its convenience in collection and its ability to reflect user profile. To protect user privacy, researchers have adopted local differential privacy in data collection process. However, most existing methods assume that location has already been discretized, which we found, if not done carefully, may introduces huge noise, lowering collected result
more » ... ity. Thus in this paper, we design a differentially private location division module that could automatically discretize locations according to access density of each region. However, as the size of discretized regions may be large, if directly applying existing local differential privacy based attribute method, the overall utility of collected results may be completely destroyed. Thus, we further improve the optimized binary local hash method, based on personalized differential privacy, to collect user visit frequency of each discretized region. This solution improve the accuracy of the collected results while satisfying the privacy of the user's geographic location. Through experiments on synthetic and real data sets, this paper proves that the proposed method achieves higher accuracy than the best known method under the same privacy budget.
doi:10.1007/978-981-33-4922-3_13 fatcat:d4velgugonboddipdvnitn3jtm