Experimental Study on SCR System in Automobile

S. W. Lee, Youndo Baek, Doo-Sung Baik
2016 unpublished
Diesel vehicle provides higher thermal efficiency and less CO 2 emission but there are some more problems such as PM and NO x emission. PM has been decreased to around 90% by applying current diesel particulate filter technology to diesel vehicles. However, in order to meet Euro-6 emission regulation NOx must be reduced to a certain level of emissions. NO x reduction technology such as LNT, LNC and SCR has been developed and applied to especially to heavy duty diesel vehicles and passenger
more » ... l vehicles. Urea-SCR system has been attractive as the most effective NO x reduction technology and the system sprays aqueous urea solution to take apart into N 2 and H 2 O and emits into atmosphere as reducing agent, which is harmless.
doi:10.14257/astl.2016.130.09 fatcat:5is3no6xffbjlkx7c6vs3qrejy