Provably Secure Lattice-Based Self-Certified Signature Scheme

Qiang Yang, Daofeng Li
2021 Security and Communication Networks  
Digital signatures are crucial network security technologies. However, in traditional public key signature schemes, the certificate management is complicated and the schemes are vulnerable to public key replacement attacks. In order to solve the problems, in this paper, we propose a self-certified signature scheme over lattice. Using the self-certified public key, our scheme allows a user to certify the public key without an extra certificate. It can reduce the communication overhead and
more » ... tional cost of the signature scheme. Moreover, the lattice helps prevent quantum computing attacks. Then, based on the small integer solution problem, our scheme is provable secure in the random oracle model. Furthermore, compared with the previous self-certified signature schemes, our scheme is more secure.
doi:10.1155/2021/2459628 doaj:652f9bd4dcf54fd6bba3aff496d7ebfc fatcat:can4aobmnbfdth5aoukuyyyppu