Identification of Epidemic Life Cycle of Flu using Correspondence Analysis

Amit Verma, Rajeev Sharma
Number   unpublished
These days controlling influenza outbreak is critical issue for health functionaries in any country. It causes thousands of deaths worldwide so that, it must be controlled at an early stage. In this research work, we have done an associated study of algorithms and methods, modeling the outbreak of an epidemic with the focus of swine flu. We have given the significance of the study with respect to micro-blogging website Twitter. We have a given a study from distinctive methods connected to
more » ... e and distinguish flu and considered over the favorable ways in which flu can be detected easily. Based on the limitations of the previous work a novel model has been proposed. An algorithm has been developed for proposed model that takes advantage of single value decomposition and content correspondence analysis for discovering pertinent information that can help us guide to the stages of the epidemic in terms of "Beginning of Epidemic", "Spread of Epidemic" and "Decay of Epidemic". By utilizing this implementation we have the capacity to recognize influenza outbreak more precisely and conquer the confinements of the past work.